Sustainability mission statement

Our understanding of sustainability is based on a holistic approach on scientific and technical innovation concerning the effects on the environment, economy and society.
  1. Research and teaching in TREE are based on the principles of sustainability.

  2. The understanding of sustainability refers to the definition as defined by the 1987 Brundtland Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, as well as the sustainable development goals of the united Nations defined in 2015 and the definitions as indicated by the German Council for Sustainable Development and the National Strategy for Sustainable Development.

  3. TREE approaches the idea of sustainability application oriented within special technical fields of research.
  4. Sustainability in research:
    TREE offers a platform for interdisciplinary and cooperative research with respect to:
    a) sustainable development in technology taking into account the sustainability criteria.
    b) technology development towards sustainability goals.
    c) reflection and discourses as fundamental principles.

  5. Sustainability in teaching:
    TREE lecturers convey insights into the thoughts on sustainability concerning scientific topics by explaining the consequences of such on the environment, economy and society. Furthermore, sustainability in teaching is reflected as a normative system in general.

  6. The debates on sustainability orientation at TREE are characterised by scientific reflexion and intellectual exchange.

  7. The public is informed about TREEs teaching and research activities.

  8. The guiding principles of sustainability are implemented, shared and constantly collaboratively developed by the TREE scientists. The debate and dialogue on sustainability in research and teaching take place continuously and under involvement of all interested parties.