Task Force Finance and Budgeting

Grantham-Alle 20
Sankt Augustin
The role of the working group is to ensure the exchange of information between the departments, the library, the Language Centre and the administration in financial planning and budgeting matters.


  • Barbara Schubert (Chancellor)
  • Prof. Dr Wolfgang Doerks (Department of Management Sciences)
  • Uta Wünsche-Preuss  (Strategic Project and Change Management)
  • Dr. Horst Rörig (Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical)
  • Prof. Dr Tobias Amely (Department of Management Sciences)
  • Prof. Dr Ulrich Essmann (Department of Natural Sciences)
  • Prof. Dr Karin Hummel (Department of Social Security Studies)
  • Dr Armin Ehrhardt (Library)
  • James Chamberlain (Language Centre)
  • Reinhard Groth (Facilities Management, Building and Safety)
  • Jürgen Garbisch (Strategic Planning and Management Control Services)