Reha-QM-Outcome Study

Final report of the Reha-QM-Outcome Study

In a complex and innovative study design, the outcome of the rehabilitation in a network of 21 rehabilitation facilities was examined on three levels. In the final report that is now available, the connection between subjective rehabilitation success and the economic outcome of rehabilitation is worked out. In addition, a positive effect of cooperation in the network on the quality of treatment and the income of the rehabilitants could also be demonstrated. This would not have been possible without a wide range of support. We would therefore like to thank the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Baden-Württemberg, the Society for Quality in Health Care, the Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine Research at the University of Ulm, the Institute for Sports Medicine Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Mainz and of course the clinics involved. You can download the final report and a summary of the most important results. Preparations are currently underway to continue the study so that the effects can also be examined in the second year after rehabilitation.