Founders of the H-BRS

Vektorgrafik - zwei Personen stehen auf einem Berg und halten eine Fahne.

Every start-up has its very own story of how it came about. We let our founders tell us themselves what motivated them to start their own company, how they work towards their goal every day, and how the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg supported them during the start-up process.

An overview of start-ups founded by students, alumni and staff can be found on the Our Start-ups page. Some of them share their experiences here:


From a major corporation to his own company: Thilo Kanther - Founder of Pepa Lani

Thilo Kanther mit einem Notizbuch

With his company Pepa Lani, Thilo wants to brighten up the dusty stationery market in Germany with beautifully designed premium stationery products.

In the interview, you can read why Pepa Lani is so special and how the founding spirit is sometimes slowed down by bureaucracy.
(Please note that the interview is in German.)

Thilo is an alumnus of the H-BRS.


Sustainable, inclusive and future-oriented: the social entrepreneurship project on regenerative gardening

vertikales Beet mit Grünpflanzen


Two founders, a business angel, occupational disability, remote work and Corona: In the start-up project of Meike van der Kamp, Mona Lorvik and Christine Zimmermann-Lössl, many questions arise that they solve creatively. All the more exciting is their business idea, the vision behind it and the constellation of the founding team.

The foundation is planned for 2021, you can read about the path to it here.

(Please note that the interview is in German.)

Meike is a student at the H-BRS (Sustainable Social Policy), Mona is an alumna.  


Bringing digitalisation and sustainability together? l3montree does it!

Bild eines Smartphones. Im Hintergrund befindet sich ein Laptop.

Customised and secure software with a user-friendly design, as well as advice on all IT-related issues - this is what makes up the business model of l3montree.

Find out what makes the founding team of l3montree, consisting of Tim Bastin, Sebastian Kawelke, Tahar Schaa and Frédéric Noppe, so special in the interview.

(Please note that the interview is in German.)

Tim, Sebastian and Frédéric study at the H-BRS: Tim and Sebastian study Computer Science (Bachelor) and Frédéric Business Informatics (Bachelor).


Driven by the desire to outperform the standard: Mark Mühürcüoglu - Founder of SD Sugar Daddies

Plakat von Cookiebros, ein essbaren Keksteig

Attention gourmets! SD Sugar Daddies distribute innovative food products in European retail and wholesale. These include the unusual Mochi ice cream and the first cookie dough for snacking from Cookie Bros. 
Here you can find out which features have made the start-up particularly successful.

(Please note that the interview is in German.)

Mark studied economics at the H-BRS.


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The Start-up-Manufaktur is part of the Start-up Programme Sankt Augustin Rheinbach (short: SUPRA), a project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the EXIST programme (Logos: