Initiative Respekt! Time for Diversity, Time for Sustainability

The initiative "Respekt!" at H-BRS addresses various aspects of diversity and sustainability. Mutual recognition, appreciation, acceptance and understanding of different personalities and interaction are strengthened. The initiative "Respekt!" was founded by the Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity together with the Presidential Representative for Diversity of the H-BRS and the International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE).
Logo Respekt!

31 May 2022 is German Diversity Day! To mark the occasion, the H-BRS Initiative Respekt! has prepared something special for you: the Respekt! Sock Challenge. More information:

The initiative Respekt! includes various formats and the opportunity to become a Respekt! Diversity Ambassador. More information can be found via the following link buttons:

Das Wort Respekt in 12 verschiedenen Sprachen
"Respect" in the languages Marathi, Inuktitut, Spanish, Russian, Ilocano, Persian, Italian, Urdu-Pakistani, Dutch, Finnish, Khmer, Asante Twi

More exciting content about the Respekt! initiative can be found below:

Respekt! awarded

The initiative "Respekt!" was awarded the first Integration Prize of the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis in the category Preventive Measures. 

Purple Light Up as part of initiative Respekt!

3 December is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The global campaign "Purple Light Up" wants to set an example: In the course of the campaign, many buildings, but also digital spaces, will shine in purple light. Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences was also taking part - in the form of a video.

Respekt! Quiz Challenge for the German Diversity Day

18 May 2021 was German Diversity Day. To mark the occasion, the Initiative Respekt! of the H-BRS prepared something special for you: the Respekt! quiz challenge.

Respekt! Photo Contest

The winners of the photo competition "Respekt! at H-BRS means to me..." have been determined. 

Photo competition "Places of longing" within the framework of the Respekt! Event series 2021

The winners of the photo competition "Places of longing" have been announced. 

Respekt! + Pencils make girls strong

As part of the "Respekt!" initiative, the equality body supported the campaign "Pencils make girls strong". By recycling pencils, the grassroots movement Women’s World Day of Prayer Germany provided resources for a team of teachers and psychologists who enabled 200 Syrian girls (and also some boys) to attend school in a refugee camp in Lebanon. At H-BRS about 38 kg of material was collected! The campaign was successfully completed in January 2019 with the total collection of 23 tonnes empty pencils and a fundraising sum of 33,000 Euros.

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