Winners of the photo contest "Places of Longing"

Thursday 2 December 2021
This year once again a great number of stunningly beautiful, interesting and also very different photos has been submitted by university staff and students for the photo/video competition "places of longing" within the framework of "Respect!". These photos were taken from stays abroad and "at home". The International office would like to thank everyone for their active participation and the great portion of wanderlust that has been awakened with these photos along with their beautiful texts.

The first prize to win was a DB voucher worth 100 euros, the second prize a Globetrotter voucher worth 60 euros and for the third and fourth prize each a book voucher. For fifth to eighth place there was also the opportunity to win bags made from roll-ups by the International Office. The selection has not been easy for the jury this year either, but the winners have been determined. Here you can see the nine most astonishing pictures of the contest:

First place: Keri Keri/New Zealand

Nicolas Erl, Business Information Systems

Foto eines Sternehimmels. Photo of a sky full of stars.

 "In 2018, I attended high school in New Zealand. Every night I looked at the sky and hoped for stars. I wish myself back to that clear summer night every time I look at the photo."

Second place - Preikestolen/Norway

Steffen Happel, Mechanical Engineering

Landschaftsbild von einem Fjord mit einer Person auf einem Felsenvorsprung. Scenic view of a fjord with a person standing on the edge of a cliff.

 "After a 3-hour hike, happily enjoying the sunrise at the rocky outcrop, 600 m above the fjord, was a special experience."

Third place - Korcula/Croatia

Ilka Weiand, Devision of university planning, evaluation and controlling

Foto eines Hinterhofs mit bunten Schirmen, die über Tischen und Stühlen hängen. Photo of a back alley with colourful umbrellas dangling over chairs and tables.

 "It is a place of longing for me, because just the memory of it makes me happy and makes me forget all the fears and worries caused by Corona."

Places 4-8: Photos from Egypt, India, Sweden, Japan und Norway