History of the Graduate Institute

"I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship." (Casablanca, 1942)
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Group picture with participants of 5th anniversary on November 3, 2016. Photo: Kira Wazinski

On 1.1.2010, a Graduate Institute was founded for the first time at a University of Applied Sciences in NRW to support doctoral students who are primarily academically active at the H-BRS in their doctoral projects and to ensure quality assurance with the help of qualification programmes. The Graduate Institute officially started its work on 1.1.2011.

During the start-up phase, the necessary, completely new structures and numerous qualification measures were developed. In recent years, the focus has finally been on the further development of the research culture at doctoral level at our university and cross-university networking via the NRW Graduate Institute.

The jubilee year 2020 is characterized by ongoing qualification measures, the preparations for the ten-year anniversary and the corona pandemic, which is why attendance events will probably not take place again until autumn. The anniversary year will also see the conversion of the Graduate Institute NRW into a Doctoral College NRW, which will soon be granted an independent right to award doctorates.

On the way there, the GI of the H-BRS celebrated the completion of the founding phase of the Graduate Institute as early as 2016 on the occasion of its 5-year anniversary.

The following milestones have been achieved since 2010:

  • Development of a doctoral study programme based on the law on the future of universities in NRW (Hochschulzukunftsgesetz NRW),
  • Development of places for academic exchange.
  • Installation of committees and organizational structures
  • Awarding of doctoral scholarships
  • Cooperation with the Graduate Department NRW