Education fund

Hochschulpräsident Hartmut Ihne auf dem Campus der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, president Mr. Hartmut Ihne
President Hartmut Ihne

“Shaping the future sustainably – this is our university’s mission statement. We try to live up to this by providing outstanding teaching and research oriented on the needs of modern societies. Talented young people are the basis of our future viability. Promoting exceptionally gifted, high-performing students is an important step in this direction.

However, future also means broadening our horizons. We therefore attach great importance to providing focused support for international students at the university.

international responsibility

Future also means teaching and assuming responsibility. As part of the initiative "Teaching for Development", the university has for example established a Master’s degree course in CSR & NGO management that specifically targets students from developing and emerging countries.

The goal of the education fund is to bring as many young, talented, creative minds as possible to the university from all over the world, to provide support during their studies and also to learn from them in the long term. The education fund therefore encompasses a variety of funding programmes and university projects, and we are constantly seeking strong community and industry partners to ensure their success.”

During the sponsorship year 2020/2021, we were able to present 104 students with scholarships financed by donations to the university’s education fund. “An outstanding result that we owe in particular to our friends and sponsors!”

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Ihne

BMBF interview with H-BRS President Ihne:
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(11.03.2016, in German)